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Interpreters For the Written Driver’s Permit Test in Kentucky

KOR has been working with the Kentucky State Police to increase language access in obtaining a driver’s license. The first step is to diversify the criteria for interpreters, to ensure that there are numerous interpreters speaking a variety of languages to interpret for the written driver’s permit test. Previously, only interpreters certified through the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) were accepted to interpret for this test. However, with the help of the State Police and the AOC, KOR has launched a pilot program to include other interpreters. Interpreters who have completed Bridging the Gap, which is a medical interpretation training, can take an additional training provided by our office that focuses specifically on interpreting with the Kentucky State Police Driver’s testing branches. If you have completed Bridging the Gap and would like to take the additional training to be added to the lists, please contact Allyson Ferry for more information.

Below are the list of interpreters that can be utilized for the permit test:

Kentucky Office for Refugees List of interpreters for the written driver’s permit test

AOC List of interpreters for the written driver’s permit test

Those wishing to schedule an interpreter for the test need to take the following steps:

Steps to schedule an interpreter:

  1. Before hiring an interpreter, you must go to your local driver’s testing branch and register for the test. This includes a vision screening. You may take anyone who speaks your native language and English with you to help interpret for you during this visit.
  2. The driver’s testing branches offer the exam on the computer in the following languages other than English: Arabic, Burmese, Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Somali. If you speak one of these languages as your native language, you must first attempt the test on your own at least once before scheduling an interpreter. If you do not pass the test, you may contact any interpreter from either of the lists above.
  3. If your language is not offered, and you have already registered, you may then contact any interpreter from either of the lists above. The interpreter lists should also be available at your local driver’s testing branch.
  4. The interpreter will then contact your driver’s testing branch to schedule a day and time for you to take the test. The interpreter will let you know when it is scheduled.